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About Sneakers Street

Sneakers Street is famous as the only street in the world dedicated to Sports Shoes. A unique Hong Kong shopping experience to be found on  Sneakers Street in Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok. Don't miss a once in a lifetime chance to see in a few blocks every choice of athletic footwear available.



The web site provides information for the visitors to the fashion street in Mongkok.  The site explains how to get here, what to expect, and how best to enjoy this unique Hong Kong attraction.

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Sneakers Street Hong Kong
Nowhere in Hong Kong is more famous than Sneakers Street for Sports Shoes. Check out the latest brands and styles from Nike, Converse and so on. Check out Walker Shop, Dahood, Toronto Sport and of course any kind of running or basketball shoe.

From dressy choices like Converse Wedge, or sequined trainers, through to high end Jordan shoes. There are also options here for cheap running shoes, but all brands are entirely genuine, unlike some fashion goods there are no "fakes" in Fa Yuen street when it comes to Sneakers.

Brands available include Nike, Converse, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Puma, K-Swiss, Merrell, Timberland and Sketchers.

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