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What to Buy in Sneakers Street

Shoes seems the obvious answer to what to buy in Sneakers Street, and of course that is true. But it isn't the whole story, first of all there are a huge range of different types of footwear available. It isn't just your basic trainers or running shoes, the shops carry large lines from many of the different major manufacturers and so can cater to all types of different interests.

Basketball, golf, running and football (soccer) are just some of the types of specific shoes on offer. As a tourist in Hong Kong you'll want some great walking shoes, particularly if you are going to visit theme parks. Want to know the best shoes for exploring Disney and other theme parks such as Ocean Park in Hong Kong? You'll find every possible choice here!

But it is more than that with accessories and other sporting goods also available. Different types of rackets such as Tennis and Badminton and Squash racquets are also very popular purchases.

Small accessories like colored shoe laces are also a popular purchase.

As all the shops in the sports shoe street are supplied by the major suppliers purchasing on the street is very safe, unlike some fashion products there is no concern here about the legitimacy of the products on Sneakers Street. They are all real!

Large discounts are available because some are imported from countries with lower tax rates, while others are end of fashions, or soon to be. With the serious sneaker heads in Hong Kong getting their information from the experienced resellers in the shops they know what new trends are coming, hence some styles may be hot while others are on the way out.

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Sneakers Street Hong Kong
Nowhere in Hong Kong is more famous than Sneakers Street for Sports Shoes. Check out the latest brands and styles from Nike, Converse and so on. Check out Walker Shop, Dahood, Toronto Sport and of course any kind of running or basketball shoe.

From dressy choices like Converse Wedge, or sequined trainers, through to high end Jordan shoes. There are also options here for cheap running shoes, but all brands are entirely genuine, unlike some fashion goods there are no "fakes" in Fa Yuen street when it comes to Sneakers.

Brands available include Nike, Converse, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Puma, K-Swiss, Merrell, Timberland and Sketchers.

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